CBSE Affiliation No-2133976
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evergreen world school
evergreen world school
evergreen world school


City Branch

Vijay Chowk, Gas Godown Lane
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Padri Bazar Branch

Jungle Tikonia No-2 Padri Bazar Tola-Sakhwania
Pipraich Road, Gorakhpur
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Evergreen World School

Affiliated to: Central Board Of Secondary Education, Delhi Affiliation Number 2133976

Play Ground

This esteemed school is having a huge playground where in the area is used by children to play in. They usually have equipment such as slides swings and seesaws for children to play on. it is usually outside.This school is also holding a basketball, volleyball as well as badminton court.

Our Campus

"Bricks and mortar, do not make a school." However, since these have the paraphernalia needed to keep body and mind in the right frame. Evergreen World school firmly believes that the learning experience extends beyond the four walls of classroom. Infrastructure is the base on which good educational environment can be built.

The lush green, pollution free, beautiful campus of Evergreen is one of the most fascinating elements, that gives an environment in the heart of city for free thoughts and creative minds.

Computer Lab

This school is well-equipped with computer lab. The computer lab is fully furnished with modern teaching aids that help teachers to make demonstrations and presentations more effective and power packed. The computer centre helps the students gathering relevant information from global resources and prepares them with a frame-work to build their knowledge. The school is equipped with core two duo processors fitted computers connected through Lan.


In our school there is a academic libraries. Libraries are at the heart of our school for academic success. The role of our school academic libraries is integral in the school ecosystem and is a critical knowledge hub.


We are living in the world of science and technology so we need to understand scientific concepts and theory is extremely great. This school holds well equipped laboratory. A science lab offers various opportunity for students to think creativity develop techniques and explore their interests. Therefor a science lab is essential for students to learn and explain scientific facts and theories.


This school also having the transport facilities it allows the school administration to set up safer and optimised pick-up and drop routes for the school bus/auto to follow. We are also helping the school administration to track the location of the school bus in real time so they always know where the student of that bus are.

Scout and Guide in our school

Admission to scout and guide is also available which allows the students to develop their character training and preparation for good citizenship designed for the benefit of boy and girls which insists a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness affords to be individual opportunities for developing initiative and leadership and promotes self control.

Medical Camp

Medical camp is being conducted once in three months to provide basic health care services like blood pressure and glucose level screening dental and eye check up, immunization and health education. We also provide access to specialised medical services.

Mother Teacher

Mother teacher facilities is also available in our school where is she encourage good study habits provides guidance in problem solving and promotes a positive attitude towards education.

Swimming Classes Builds Team Spirits

Swimming as part of the school curriculum encourages children to participate in team activities and socialize at an early age. It teaches a good skill, healthy heart and lungs.

Dance Classes

Dance classes facilities is also available in our school which provides students physical emotional and social well-being by providing a method of physical awareness and fitness. We provide Indian classical dance as well as Western dance.

Music Classes

As a part of academic curriculum. We also provide the facilities of music classes in which we teach read and write music notations, studying different musical styles, practicing and performing music.

Trekking Classes

Once a year the Trekking programs in school are important. It helps them collaborate with their teachers and get social. For kids also our school is conducting Trekking to get some fun exercise in fresh air and to learn about the natural world, plants and animals that live in it.