CBSE Affiliation No-2133976
Call Us : +91-8004500962
evergreen world school
evergreen world school
evergreen world school


City Branch

Vijay Chowk, Gas Godown Lane
Mob: 9453620194, 8317074034

Padri Bazar Branch

Jungle Tikonia No-2 Padri Bazar Tola-Sakhwania
Pipraich Road, Gorakhpur
Mob: 8004500962, 9918687767

Evergreen World School

Affiliated to: Central Board Of Secondary Education, Delhi Affiliation Number 2133976


We are living in the world of science and technology so we need to understand scientific concepts and theory is extremely great. This school holds well equipped laboratory. A science lab offers various opportunity for students to think creativity develop techniques and explore their interests. Therefor a science lab is essential for students to learn and explain scientific facts and theories.

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